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Scoot down tonight to Nova for the 9th annual animation festival! June 21, 2010

Posted by Marilyn Zentner Chase in 1.

Here are the posters from tonight’s animation festival.  If you’ve ever wondered why Nova Alum, Stefan Gruber is beloved and revered, beetle on down to Nova and catch the 7 or 8 o’clock showings.  Stephan creates the space where the work of all of our Nova animation students happens, start to finish.  Without his patience and expertise, this showcase of talent would not be possible.  Represented in this finished compilation, you will see and hear the mind bending and graciously technical skills of our students.  No kidding, Bring a Pillow!

For families just catching on to the “Nova” way and a year spent chasing after a calendar driven by moving into the Meany building last summer… Yes!  This posting is last minute.

Next fall, when we come back together, ordinary rhythyms at Nova will be returning.  No ravaging the streets of Seattle for couches, no classroom construction hours before classes start (and weeks into the school year), no boxes being unpacked the day before classes start. 

But that still doesn’t cover student led, student driven, sometimes families find out last.  So next year, talk to your students about publicizing their events.  Part of a Nova student’s responsibility is to keep you informed.  But you can help by keeping the dialog open, keep the questions flowing, keep your mind open.  Help students and staff get the word out about great activities, events and fundraisers.  We have space here and in our regular mailings.  All we need is the word from you, our families!  Look out for smooth sailing and lots of timely information as we return this fall.  It’s been a long year and a ton of transition to keep up with.  Honestly, the students know they cranked the publicity out at the last minute on most events.  Take a look in the corner of this poster.  If your glasses lack fine print capability, it says “Today, pretty much”.  Give them a break, the posters look great, in color, on Nova’s halls.  The show is outstanding.  So grab your pillow, get in the car, go have some fun.  Really!

Next September, come prepared for continuing the essential, ongoing discussion with the district about how best to preserve the wonderful and unique experience of a Nova education.  You can expect, a little fundraising for our school in these dim days for educational funding.  Most important, expect creativity and solutions.  Be prepared to open your mind and heart for the new ways the next generation of Nova students will bring their best to the Nova Community and our world.  Do have a wonderful summer and keep your eyes peeled for informative mailings and new postings to this site in August.



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