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PTSA Board Meeting: Sept 24, 2009 6:30 P.M. Room 30 September 21, 2009

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Please email agenda requests to thenovaprojectptsa@gmail.


Thanks to all who contributed to a wonderful event Saturday night! September 21, 2009

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Thanks to everyone from Nova, the SBOC, the Miller Park Neighboorhood Association and the Seattle Parks and Recreation.  We had a great turnout of Nova students and families.  Three Nova Students scooped ice cream all evening, families brought great food, set up and clean up were provided by Nova!  Mark Perry, principal of Nova and Martin O’ Callaghan, principal of the SBOC  enjoyed the evening  and subsequently were dragged up to the podium at dedication time.  René Soulard, a co-founder of the Miller Neighboorhood Association recounted the long struggle to bring the park together.  What a true gem:  the community center, playground, fountain and now the playfield!  We are fortunate to have it in our care.  City Councilmember Tom Rassmussen praised the community wide effort bringing this park to completion.  Karen O’ Conner of the Parks and Recreation Department put together a wonderful evening and facilatated the Nova student lead portions of the event, her help was invaluable.  Thanks to Andrew Taylor a long time member of the Miller Neighborhood Association for inviting Nova and the SBOC, promoting and working hard to ensure a great event for all  communities represented.  We join a wonderful neighborhood, Saturday evening introduced us to a future filled with possiblities.

Nova/SBOC Potluck :: Saturday 9/19 at 6:30 pm September 16, 2009

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In true Nova tradition, the students invite you to a potluck!   Nova, The SBOC and the Miller Neighborhood Association will share in a potluck along with the ice cream social and dedication of the field.

September 19th
6:30 pm

Please bring a dish to share, the more the better.  We will be sharing the bounty of our gardens together with the energy & creativity of our communities. 

6:30 -8:30 pm: Potluck and a  Free Ice Cream Social (provided by Bluebird Tea Room).  There will be a  Soccer Clinic by Seattle University Mens Soccer and Lacrosse demonstration by NW Womens LaCrosse Association.
8:30 – 10:00 pm:  3 way soccer, ultimate frisbee, and SBOC soccer teams are invited for pick up games. 

We are looking forward to an incredible community building event –come out with your families and celebrate our with new community at the Miller Community Center! 

Practical support for this event is provided by

  • The Nova Project PTSA
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation
  • Miller Neighborhood Association.


New Parent Orientations combined to Thursday 9/17 at Nova 7 – 9 PM September 14, 2009

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We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the new parent orientations scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday of this week have been consolidated into one event. 

We will gather at the Nova/SBOC Library for some Brie, fruit and sweets,

Thursday,  September 17th from 7- 9 P.M.

Join us to talk with parents and students.

Have all your questions answered .

Have a peek inside the new Nova home.

Check out the Contact Us page for a spiffy map to the new location.  The Nova entrance will be open on the 20th Ave East cul-de-sac.

We look forward to seeing you,

The PTSA Board

Did you know? September 10, 2009

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you can see the course catalog online?  http://nova.tinysis.org
— Some of Nova’s best kept secrets are found on the web…

Thanks to all! September 8, 2009

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Sunday was an incredible day!  The day started in the pouring rain at the Mas home with five trucks and vans!  From the youngest, a Salmon Bay 7th grader to some of us with grey hair and back braces, we moved out of storage the sacred personal items of teachers.  The rain stopped but the volunteers didn’t!  An impressive group of students and families unpacked boxes and began the last phase of transforming the building into the new Nova home.

Several teachers still need help.  Construction and cleaning in Eyva’s chemistry lab was not completed until Saturday, she needs focused help to be sure all items are carefully placed.  Other teachers with large book collections need help getting books on shelves.  Check in at the Nova office if you can help.

Thanks to all who donated, moved and distributed couches, it was a huge task for a small volunteer organization.  The couches are beautifully cleaned by the Stanley Steemer crew of Dwayne, Juan and John.  Thanks, Tim Houston for giving us a deep discount on cleaning services and making a pledge of gift certificates to our Spring Auction. 

Marilyn Zentner Chase

First Days September 6, 2009

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From Shanay Salas, Student:

At the beginning of each school year, as well as between semesters and quarters, Nova has what is known as “bridge week” (note: it is not always a full week). During this time students meet with their coordinators, sign up for classes, attend grade level and all school meetings, and participate in various student-led community-sustaining activities. Bridge week is planned and facilitated  by a democratic non-hierarchical committee comprised entirely of students.

The focus of this year’s first bridge week, September 9th through 14th, is building a new foundation for Nova@Meany that will allow us to flourish as an alternative learning community/family. Students are expected to be at school from 9am – 2pm daily, with the option to stay until 3pm. Each day starts out with students meeting in their COOR groups from 9am – 10am. From 10 – 11am there is an all school meeting (Wednesday), “teacher rotations” – COOR groups individually meet all the staff and learn about the classes they are teaching (Thursday) and grade level meetings (Friday). 11am – 2pm is entirely student run and includes lunch and a series of both fun and productive workshops where students will participate in projects to beautify, unite, and organize the tangible and non-tangible aspects of the constantly evolving project that is Nova.

An ArtShare is planned for Friday in the afternoon. For those who have not experienced them, ArtShares are a combination of an open mic and a talent show without prizes – always full of a broad range of student talent. This year, the ArtShare will feature the Guy Robichaud writing award winners preforming their winning poems. Students interested in performing in the ArtShare can sign up by talking to Alaia D’Alessandro or signing up in the lounge.

Class sign ups happen on Monday the 14th with priority (senior, 504 and IEP students) sign ups in the morning and regular sign ups in the afternoon. Class sign ups will happen a little bit differently from previous years in an attempt to reduce the stress involved with our old sign up process. More information will come out about this soon.

The committee of students planning bridge week will hand out a zine (a small publication) on the first day of school that will have a full schedule of workshops, teacher contact information, maps and bus routes, info about our new neighborhood, the semester class schedule, teen health resources, reminders of important dates, and other useful tools. This zine is meant to be kept and referenced throughout the school year. Hopefully an electronic copy will also be posted to the blog so keep your eyes open.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on the first day in our new home! We currently have an amazing opportunity to rebuild Nova to be an even stronger base for truly alternative student-run democratic education in Seattle – but only if every student participates in building and sustaining our amazing program. Hope y’all enjoy your last few days of summer!

Feel free to email me, Shanay, with any questions at: thenovaprojectptsa@gmail.com

Help with Unpack/Set up September 3, 2009

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It’s just about Labor Day, can you lend a hand unpacking and setting up Nova’s new classrooms?

Thursday 9/3, Friday 9/4

Sunday, 9/ 6

Teachers, staff and parent volunteers will be working onsite all three days. Come for an hour, come for the day. All help is appreciated!

Welcome to Nova! September 1, 2009

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New students and families may be wondering what supplies to bring during the first few days of school. From Sept 9th-11th most students bring writing utensils and a small notebook. Some students do not even find their backpack necessary for these community building days. Please note that although classes do not start until Tuesday the 15th, attendance is mandatory from 9am-2pm (roll will be taken). Monday the 14th is class sign ups. Do not forget lunch money and bus fare (just in case bus cards are late).
A general supply list for the rest of the year:
* USB flash drive (So handy & sometimes lifesaving!)
* 2-3 notebooks per semester — teachers have some if you cannot afford them (Graph Composition Notebooks are best for chemistry classes and work well for math classes too!)
* PLANNER (weekly and monthly is the best!)
* Some sort of way to organize papers (my personal choice is folders because I can have one for each class and since there are different classes each day I don’t have to lug all of my folders, just the ones for that day!)

Contact the family support worker through the office at 206.252.3500 if you need assistance with purchasing supplies

Lisann Zentner
Student, senior

(posted on behalf of Lisann by paisleygray)