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New site, new tools September 5, 2010

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Visit us at our new site:


We’ve migrated to a new host and are looking forward to incorporating tools designed specifically for use by school communities.

Be sure to register, adding yourself to our “announce” email list, used to share school-related news and opportunities.

See you there!

Back to school info in the mail August 27, 2010

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The start of the school year is just around the corner! In the next week, Nova families will receive an important school information mailing. Enclosed are notes on the first days of school, information from the district, a medical information form and a walking field trip permission slip. Also included is information on PTSA membership and school volunteer opportunities. Please be sure to read all information and return completed forms to the Nova office.

Questions? Email your PTSA board: thenovaprojectptsa@gmail.com

Summer News July 12, 2010

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Welcome new students!
The 2010-11 school year begins Wednesday, September 8. New and returning students will register for classes during the first week of school. Nova’s fall course catalog will be available online after September 7 at  www.tinysis.org
New student/family orientations will be scheduled for mid-September. Details will be included in the student/family information packets to be mailed out in late August.  We look forward to sharing the year with you!

Building Improvements:
This summer, Nova will see building improvements including seismic upgrades, a new roof and improved accessibility for people with disabilities.  To learn more about this and other projects funded through the Building Technology and Academics II (BTA II) Levy, visit www.bta.seattleschools.org

Keeping Cool:
Miller Playfield, the park just out Nova’s front door, has a fantastic fountain. Perfect for a hot day!

Scoot down tonight to Nova for the 9th annual animation festival! June 21, 2010

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Here are the posters from tonight’s animation festival.  If you’ve ever wondered why Nova Alum, Stefan Gruber is beloved and revered, beetle on down to Nova and catch the 7 or 8 o’clock showings.  Stephan creates the space where the work of all of our Nova animation students happens, start to finish.  Without his patience and expertise, this showcase of talent would not be possible.  Represented in this finished compilation, you will see and hear the mind bending and graciously technical skills of our students.  No kidding, Bring a Pillow!

For families just catching on to the “Nova” way and a year spent chasing after a calendar driven by moving into the Meany building last summer… Yes!  This posting is last minute.

Next fall, when we come back together, ordinary rhythyms at Nova will be returning.  No ravaging the streets of Seattle for couches, no classroom construction hours before classes start (and weeks into the school year), no boxes being unpacked the day before classes start. 

But that still doesn’t cover student led, student driven, sometimes families find out last.  So next year, talk to your students about publicizing their events.  Part of a Nova student’s responsibility is to keep you informed.  But you can help by keeping the dialog open, keep the questions flowing, keep your mind open.  Help students and staff get the word out about great activities, events and fundraisers.  We have space here and in our regular mailings.  All we need is the word from you, our families!  Look out for smooth sailing and lots of timely information as we return this fall.  It’s been a long year and a ton of transition to keep up with.  Honestly, the students know they cranked the publicity out at the last minute on most events.  Take a look in the corner of this poster.  If your glasses lack fine print capability, it says “Today, pretty much”.  Give them a break, the posters look great, in color, on Nova’s halls.  The show is outstanding.  So grab your pillow, get in the car, go have some fun.  Really!

Next September, come prepared for continuing the essential, ongoing discussion with the district about how best to preserve the wonderful and unique experience of a Nova education.  You can expect, a little fundraising for our school in these dim days for educational funding.  Most important, expect creativity and solutions.  Be prepared to open your mind and heart for the new ways the next generation of Nova students will bring their best to the Nova Community and our world.  Do have a wonderful summer and keep your eyes peeled for informative mailings and new postings to this site in August.

Nova at a Crossroads June 17th – 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. June 16, 2010

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The tradition continues!

Crossroads, the annual student led conference on the future of Nova High, follows graduation events.  After the graduating class leaves, the newly formed student body spends a day in conference, seminars and retreat.  Students together with staff, boldly reflect on the year past and plan for the year to come.  Students share food and resources, creating a  powerful space, building the foundation for the next phase of Nova’s life.  All students must be on campus from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M for this vital session.

Graduation is in the Cafetorium at 6PM June 15, 2010

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As we look toward this evening, here is a tale of a graduation past offered by Kay Kole Leary, our volunteer coordinator…

Before attending our daughter’s graduation night at Nova, my experience with graduations seemed pretty stereotypical; huge auditoriums filled with rows up on rows of blue or black caps and gowns and cheering families, dull “inspirational” speakers and chosen valedictorians, hours of sitting while names I had never heard before were called and students walked, short thrills when the one or two “eccentric” students pulled off some immature stunt to make sure we knew they weren’t “just one of the crowd,” which they actually were.

That all changed the night of my first Nova graduation. Becky’s class was the last to graduate from the steps of the Mann Building, so while there was excitement in the air, there was a certain amount of sadness as well. The focus of the evening was where I have always felt it should be, not on a special speaker whose words will never be remembered, not on the events that led it to be the last Mann Building graduation, but on the graduating students: every single one of them. I was impressed at how many other Nova students and Nova alum were there to honor the graduates.

As each Coordinator rose to speak about their students, my eyes filled with tears. I had never appreciated how sincerely these teachers cared for their students. The tears overflowed when I came to grasp the depth of their knowledge for each graduate. Each adult spoke with love, humor, and a positive tone that celebrated every student’s strengths and excellent qualities. Their words set the students upon the road of post-high-school life feeling supported and acknowledged. Each graduate stood in front of friends and family and had the rare experience of being truly known by an adult, and loved for who they were and for who they were on the threshold of becoming.

Then each student spoke. Not one preferred valedictorian, but each student. They were dressed in everything from pirate costumes, to jeans and t-shirts, to nice suits and dresses, to graduation robes. Each had seemed to have arrived at a point where they were comfortable with themselves and dressed to express that comfort, not to impress or conform. Most said no more than “Thank you,” either to Nova in general or to specific teachers or staff. Several spoke about how Nova had changed, or saved, their lives. Each received appreciation and recognition from their classmates as being an important part of the Nova community.

I must correct myself on one point. At that graduation there was one special speaker. Bob the custodian. It was sort of a graduation for Bob, as well, and he had his chance to speak. Bob was retiring and the Nova community honored him that night, by listening to him speak about the pride he holds for his heritage and for his years of service in Seattle Public Schools and at the Mann Building.

The events of the evening had been planned by the seniors themselves. While there were certain traditions followed, the evening was by no means a “cookie-cutter” ceremony. Students created, printed and assembled the program. They chose the order in which the Coors would graduate.  Non-graduating students and their families were asked to put the finishing touches on the evening by bringing food, flowers and decorations. The very successful ceremony that evening was itself a testimony to the skills and competencies Nova instills in its students.  It is an evening I shall long remember and, even though my other daughter won’t be graduating for a few more years, I am looking forward to attending The Nova Project graduation ceremony tonight.

Art, Books, Band and Drama June 7, 2010

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A full slate of Nova events this week!  Invite friends, family, neighbors … events are open to all. Hope to see you!

Nova Art Opening and Reception
Tuesday, 6/8,  6-8pm

@ The Vera Project (Gallery)
Seattle Center, SE corner of Warren Ave N & Republican Ave N
Nova artists show their “eclectic and exploratory” works-  including graffiti, encaustic, sculpture, prints…
on display through June 26

Nova Book Exchange and Literacy Night
Tuesday, 6/8, 6:00-8:30pm

@ Nova, Cafeteria
Book donations for all readers, all interests to benefit Page Ahead Books, Books for Prisoners and the SBOC/Nova library.
Come share and exchange books, create bookmarks and share in a community potluck. Donations not required, books available  to  all.
Contact Terrance with questions:

Nova Band Night
Friday, 6/11, 6:30-9pm
@ Nova
$5 donation
Featuring 6 bands from the band class plus Nova’s own Pink Pajamas
Contact Terrance to donate concessions, help chaperone or with any other questions: tpmckittrick@seattleschool.org

Nova Drama presents-  Peter Pan
Saturday and Sunday, 6/12-13, 6:30pm

@ Nova
$10 suggested donation- appreciated, not required
Come on out for the classic story of mermaids, lost boys and of course, the mischievous  boy who can fly. Based on the book by JM Barrie.

Graduation, 6/15 May 30, 2010

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Celebrate the class of 2010’s  60+  graduates!  Congratulations!!

Thanks to many in our community for ensuring that the do-it-yourself tradition of a custom commencement followed by a “parent-powered-pot-luck” continues.  Can you cook, set up, donate to the decoration fund or otherwise help? Please contact Denise Holmes in the office to offer your support-  206-252-3500

Suggested  potluck items:
Veggie trays
Fruit Trays
Bread and Cheese trays
Pita and hummus
Pasta or green salads
Cookies, cupcakes
Drinks- soda, juice, water
Paper products- plates, cups, napkins

PTSA Year End Meeting, 6/1 May 30, 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010
7-8:30 pm
@ Nova

Everyone welcome- no commitment required!

Bring a simple finger food to share and join us for the final PTSA meeting of the year. Celebrate events of this year and help envision the next.  Key agenda items include our board election and approval of next year’s PTSA budget.

2010-11 PTSA Executive Board Nominees:
Nora Wheat, President
Matthew Patton, Vice President
Charlie Mas and Catherine Droden, Co-treasurers
Debi Van Giesen, Secretary

Spirit Fest, 5/14 May 11, 2010

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From Sheri-
Join us for the third annual arts celebration.

Spirit Fest, 2010!
Friday, May 14, 2:30-8pm, @Nova

Contributions to our potluck dinner and help with set up or clean up are most appreciated. Also accepting donations of non-perishable foods for the victims of Hurricane Ida in El Salvador.

If you can help with this event, please contact Alex or Sheri via the PTSA. thenovaprojectptsa@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!